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witn game refencesEdit

Radagast is a messed up wizard that fought the lord of angmar with swallows and a staff up his mirkwood radagast got capured by the spider queen senarthra and as soon as eradan,andriel and farin find him radagast does messed up face spazams. after a lond pointless conversasion with him farin gives him the staff and his face looked like he was having a erection. radagast leutenate stealth swallow came to him and you know what forget this messed up pile of crap baisically he is a creepy pedafile that probilly rapes bagers and swallows and its hard to belive he won against the witch king.heres a tip STAY AWAY FROM THIS PSYCHOPATHIC BIRD RAPING GIT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.

hobbit movie refrencesEdit

Radagast is a druggie that loves his shrooms but most of his drugs he got was from gandalf the drug dealer and gollum. He also shoves squirrles up has ass as he uses his weed from bob the cat wanker and black mon he ofterns wanks to his shrooms befrore use if he uses to much he dick wresles with gollum for a raped fish. at night he ponces naked in to rivendell and sings I LOVE SHOVING SQUIRRLES, HEDGEHOGS, BIRDS AND BAGERS UP MY ASS.but radagast is as powerful as saruman and gandolf the drug dealer and he rapes hobbits then violate them with a chicken.